Monday, April 16, 2012

Update III: Broken Sigma Guitar

Sadly, our friend the Sigma guitar is gone. This can only mean one of three things: 1) Someone thought it was worth fixing, and took it home to give it the proper care and love it deserved. 2) Someone was making a campfire, and looking for free wood to help it burn. or 3) Someone finally realized it was garbage, and made the necessary steps to ensure that it would end up where it belonged - in the dump.

Whatever happened, it is a sad day for bloggers everywhere (especially me), since I have that much less to write about. Since being in Korea, my guitar and pedal acquisitions have tapered off, and I am forced to relive old glory or go out and buy things at full price just to add some content to my blog. This is sad. If you have any ideas for things I could write about, please comment, or email me at All the best!

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