Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My First Homemade Pedal: Loop Bypass Box

This is my first attempt at making a pedal of my own. I decided to go really simple, and make a loop bypass box. This is essentially a pedal that makes your whole effects rack true bypass (if you step on it, your signal doesn't go through your effects, it goes straight to the amplifier).

I started with a simple wooden keepsake box I bought for $0.99 at the local thrift store.

Next, I removed the lid and hinges from the box, and saved the lid to close the bottom of the pedal once I was done building the insides. Nothing too complicated yet.

(Missing a few pictures here - I got too excited about the build and forgot to photograph the in-between stages)

 The only parts I used for this project were four (4) 1/4" input jacks, and an SPDT switch (Single Pole, Double Throw). Before installing them, I used copper shielding tape to insulate the insides of my enclosure. Using a metal enclosure would make this step unnecessary.

I used some orange spraypaint to cover the enclosure, and made paper stencils for the symbols on top. If you want to go low-fi, a Sharpie would work equally well, I think.

The finished product: a fully functional, and actually pretty useful pedal (and it's my favorite color!)

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